IMDb has introducing the new IMDb What to Watch app

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IMDb has introducing the new IMDb What to Watch app

Post autor: rodeoneerer » 21 maja 2022, 9:35

Introducing the new IMDb What to Watch app - a series of fun, interactive mini-games to help families, friends, or those playing individually discover and decide what to watch. Launching exclusively on Amazon Fire TV in the U.S., players will receive customized movie and TV series recommendations across multiple streaming services tailored to their current moods and interests. This personalized experience lets fans spend less time searching for titles and debating what to stream, and more time viewing the next movie or series they’ll love!

Put the days of scrolling through an endless list of movies and television behind you. With IMDb’s app, “players get movie and TV series recommendations across multiple streaming services.” These options are tailor-fit to the user’s “current moods and interests.”

There are three options to help narrow down the choices of what to watch next using the app:

Quick Draw
For the risktakers, Quick Draw shuffles a deck of hundreds of virtual playing cards to reveal a trio of choices. Choose one of three, or click "deal cards" for a fresh set.

Watch Challenge
Watch, rate, and collect digital stamps as you work your way through curated IMDb lists, including the site's Top 250 movies, award-winning flicks, and popular franchises. Themed collections such as Movies Made in Paris are updated frequently.

This or That
Answer a series of "This or That?" questions (steampunk or supernatural?) to find the perfect program for your mood—whether that's an epic romance, G-rated family pick, supernatural horror, slapstick comedy, or something in between. Refresh your options, including desired viewing time, before picks are revealed.

“Entertainment on Fire TV is all about discovering new shows and movies, connecting customers to content quickly, and being delighted by the experience,” said Charlotte Maines, director of Fire TV. “With the launch of the IMDb What to Watch app, we’re delivering customers a fun and engaging way to discover what’s next on movie night.”

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