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Golden Goose Sale any

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The collaboration is Muaddi's first for her own brand, though she has also designed a range for Rihanna's Fenty collection. For me, it was important that the first collaboration I do is one that is special and close to my heart, she says. I wanted to do it with someone who shares my values and my perspective on creativity and design.

A sense of queer pride, particularly when expressed through fashion, is something Porter has always made his M.O. on the red carpet-so it makes perfect sense for him to continue that as a shoe designer. The messaging that I received from my entire life was that my queerness would be my liability, says Porter. For the first 20 years of my career, I ran away from that queerness, and I tried to fit in. Then Kinky Boots happened. Ever since slipping into those iconic ruby-red heels on Broadway, Porter says he approaches dressing with 100 confidence-heels and all. I'm so blessed to have played Lola, says Porter. Embracing the feminine side of myself made me feel much stronger and empowered. I realized I don't need the excuse of a character to wear a heel.

While we love a dramatic eye statement or a bold new dye job, a nude lip with only a hint of mascara can win us over just the same. At the end of the day, the most important thing is that you feel your best, which is why this week's best beauty Instagrams offer both festive glamour and fresh-faced looks that pair with any occasion.

Given the hurdles of the first weeks, having the right accessories is an imperative starting point. I believe a few things are true about those early days: accessories really do help, and new nursing moms will do just about anything to Golden Goose Sale make breastfeeding work, Myer says, recalling her days of never leaving the house without her nursing pillow.