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Golden Goose in

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I bought a few things! I am heavily influenced by my colleagues at Conde Nast when it comes to purchasing decisions. I was eyeing this Proenza Schouler knit dress all season and finally bought it after seeing Architectural Digest EIC Amy Astley wearing it at a recent Teen Vogue event.

We were living in Jordan and then Romania, and it wasn't the most open environment. Still, my interests began there. You may rinse and forget about your hair care products, but your skin does not. they can leave a residue on your skin for hours, including your scalp, face, and back, and leave-in hair products by design leave a residue, which can transfer to skin directly from your hair or a towel or pillowcase, explains Iris Rubin, dermatologist and founder of Seen, a non-comedogenic hair care line of cleansers, styling creams, and a new smoothing Magic Serum made from hydrating squalene and nature's answer to silicone, hemisqualane, for color and heat protection.

Their pastel pink and baby blue fluffy insteps became an instant hit, perhaps distracting from Philo's other creations that season: a nude pump with trompe l'oeil toes and several entirely fur options in cherry red and Big Bird yellow. Things got more exciting from there: the ball-heeled mules and slip-on sneakers with love and life emblazoned on tabs at the heel for spring 2014; the scrunched-front glove shoes of spring 2015; the white lug-soled Chelsea boots of spring 2016.

Together, the duo were like a modern-day Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, in that they were all over each other and amping it up for the photographers. Their cohesive looks spoke for themselves though. For the Golden Globes, it was Louis Vuitton's embroidered duchesse satin gown custom made by Nicolas Ghesquiere. The Met gala saw her in a double Golden Goose crepe sable two-piece and silk organza feathered cape, both in shades of bubblegum pink, while a trip to Paris Fashion Week featured body-con cutouts from Mnot.