Popular game 'FIFA' will be renamed

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Popular game 'FIFA' will be renamed

Post autor: player181 » 13 maja 2022, 6:15

California-based EA will rename FIFA to EA Sports FC after next summer's Women's World Cup, while the content will remain the same, with the same leagues, cups, clubs and players.

Cam Weber, executive vice president of EA Sports, said in the announcement: "This new independent platform will bring new opportunities to innovate, create and evolve. We exist to create the future for fans, whether it is Virtual or real, digital or physical, it's all football."

The end of the partnership shows that FIFA, one of the world's leading sports governing bodies, FIFA 22 coins is looking to earn more digital revenue to make up for lost men's World Cup revenue while making better use of the popular game IP monetization.

Despite a long and profitable partnership, EA and FIFA have been at odds over the brand value of "FIFA". EA trademarked EA Sports FC last year, seemingly in preparation for the breakdown of the partnership. More details on EA Sports FC are expected to be announced next summer.